Wing Energy Educational Set

You can do a large variety of experiments about wind energy with this educational set, which aims
to educate students about renewable energy: Measuring the power of the wind,
And charging a battery with a generator and discharging it with different loads are just two of them.

3254 Eco-House

• This wooden cottage made up of 145 parts aims to entertain children and introduce them to clean energy.
• Children learn how to control their muscles and improve their receptive skills while motivating
their imagination and building a cottage thanks to this eco-house.
• Your children aged 5 and over are provided with enjoyable game experiences by
this eco-cottage, which uses the energy that it generates from the solar panel on its
roof to turn the wind turbine in its garden.

9000 Solar Experiment Set

With this solar set, which aims to tell children about solar power with 30 different experiments, you can;
• heat an oven,
• operate a swing ride,
• energize an electric motor.
You can introduce children over 8 to clean energy with many experiments like this.

21615 ROLL-E 14 pcs Educational Set

• You can make a total of 14 different robots with the thousand-face Roll-E.
• You can operate your robot with pleasure wherever and whenever there is sun thanks to the
solar panel you place on its head.
• This educational set aims to teach children alternative energy entertainingly.

7 Pcs Vehicle Sets

30005 Solar Vehicle Set

• You can make up 3 different models with this environment-friendly set consisting of 240 parts.
• As long as the solar propeller gets sufficient sunlight, it rotates around itself without any
batteries or cables.
• A detailed manual is within the box.

Wooden Helicopters

6620 Metal Cyclist

6400 Mini Metal Solar Wind Turbine

6580 Wooden Solar Wind Turbine

3280 White Wood Solar Wind Turbine

65361 Solar Wind Turbine Skystreamer

  • The 30 cm SkyStream wind turbine is powered by the power collected by the solar panel on the table.

3250 Solar Ferris wheel

40009 SolarWindmill

• The wings of the windmill begin to rotate without interruption, as long as the solar panel is lit.

• You can color the product as desired with wood finish.

40295 Solar Lighthouse

• This product is a rechargeable power source, the sunlight on the panel is very self-charging.

• In darkness, the lights of the sea lantern are switched on. The LED inside is a rhythmically lit
creates a lighthouse effect. When the air is illuminated, the model closes itself and the LED goes out.

• It can be used as a night light or for decorative purposes.

3390 Solar Butterfly

3250 Solar House

6233 Solar Chain