SOL-VENT Car Aspirator

• Operates when it gets sunlight even when the car is parked.
• Mounted to the side window.
• Operates silently and clears the polluted air inside.
• Cools the car’s interior when mounted against each other.
• Mountable to the car lighter.

Sun Hat

• The panel on the hat starts the ventilator on the shade when it gets
sunlight, and gives the user coolness.
• Made of cotton, yellow in color.
• Size of the hat can be adjustable from behind.


STECA PF 166 Solar Refrigerator

• A ++ energy efficiency class
• The most efficient product among the energy-saving DC refrigerators
• Determines the voltage automatically (12 V / 24 V DC)
• The 80 Wp refrigerator can be used as a freezer with 2 pcs 80 Wp panels
• Programmable internal temperature, usable as a refrigerator as a freezer
• Suitable for mobile use on vehicles like caravans
• 167 liters of internal volume